Enivronmental development


Environmental development.                                           

The school has developed greatly since independence. Today there are thirty two class rooms each with a population of over fifty pupils. There is a library although it is a white elephant, a kitchen and a well-furnished waiting rooms. More toilets have been put up to serve the increasing population.

There is a fish pond in the school where we rear fish. This fish pond as a real learning and teaching aid(realia).

The school compound has been uplifted by planting more trees for shade and also planting more grass on bear ground.

More work is ongoing to improve the environment by adding more shaddy and ornamental trees.

School academic performance

Academic performance.

The school has been ranked top ten in Nakuru county oner the last ten years. Aulthough we were among the best twenty …

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ICT Department

Our school ICT department received a total of 238 laptops for class one. This will enhance learning through technology and hope to reap more through …

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